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ゴールデンボンバー JAPAN EXPO @ PARIS 出演おめでとう\('Д')/ンバッ!







またゴールデンボンバー高田馬場CLUB PHASEで毎月第一日曜日、毎月1回のライブを行い、全てソールドアウト。また日本47都道府県をツアーした。


2010年10月6日、メジャー初のシングル*3また君に番号を聞けなかった」で初登場4位を獲得。2011年1月6日には初アルバム*4「ゴールデン・アワー 〜上半期ベスト2010〜」をリリースし、TOWER RECORDSのウィークリーチャートで1位、オリコンデイリーチャート1位、ウィークリーで3位を獲得した。

Golden Bomber was created in 2004 aroundShô KIRYUIN and Yutaka KYAN. Thanks to the offbeat stage performances of the members and the most uncommon songs of Shô KIRYUIN, Golden Bomber becomes the most popular air-band (yeah, none of the members play his instrument) in Japan.

In 2008 the band releases three singles within five months: Dakishimete Shwartz, Moto kare korosu and Trauma kyabajô, which sells up to over 3.000 copies despite their independent status.

2009 is the year of the concept mini-album: Imitation Gold Kinbaku no meikyoku nibandukuri. This album, totally unique, was broadcast on several radio channels and on the Internet where it makes a real buzz.

The same year in June, Golden Bomber signs the end theme of the game Skip Beat released on PS2 (from the Shôjo Manga Skip Beat) with the title Time Machine ga hoshiiyo. In July, they played, directed, wrote, filmed and made their own movie Sorinokoshita Natsu released in cinemas and DVD, as well as a single of the same name to celebrate the event.

On October 21, 2009, Golden Bomber enters the 77th place of the top Oricon (4th independent band) with the single Memeshikute, which you can listen to right now:

Golden Bomber : Memeshikute by JapanExpoTV

The band soon decides to organize one live per month, every first Sunday of each month at CLUB PHASE in Takadanobaba, which are sold out for each performance. The band stars a tour in 47 cities in Japan.

In 2010, the members go on like this and take over a Osaka-Nagoya-Tokyo tour for 12 months, sold-out every time. Their video clips are seen over a million times and they broadcast one of their shows in live streaming.

On October 6, 2010, they release their first major single, Mata kimi ni Bangô kikenakatta and get 4th of Oricon chart for the first week of the release. On January 6, 2011, Golden Bomber releases a first album, Golden Hour – Kamihanki best 2010, which ends up first of TOWER RECORDS weekly chart, first of daily chart and third of weekly Oricon chart.

と思ったらJAPAN EXPOってGARIも出たことあるらしい。おー。いつか行ってみたい。